The Fix Effect

THE FIX coffee scrub will have your skin silky smooth + bikini ready. How? The caffeine in the coffee enhances fat metabolism, so when THE FIX is applied to the skin the coffee is absorbed into the body, removing excess liquid + fat. See you later cellulite.

The Fix Mix

  • GROUND COFFEE – Helps to blitz cellulite + stretch marks
  • ORGANIC COCONUT + OLIVE OIL – Deeply hydrates + nurtures your skin
  • SEA SALT + BROWN SUGAR – Exfoliates dead cells + promotes regeneration of super smooth new skin
  • OATMEAL – Cleanses and improves skin tone + treats acne and eczema + anti-inflammatory
  • PEPPERMINT OIL – Smells amazing + soothes itching and allergic irritations

Get Fixed

  • Dampen your skin
  • Grab small handfuls of THE FIX
  • Scrub your skin in circular motions focusing on problem areas
  • Let it sit for five minutes or so
  • Rinse throughly
  • Leave your shower feeling hydrated, silky smooth + smelling like a minty latte

Ready for your Fix?

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